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Disneyland Paris Dining Review – Cafe Des Cascadeurs

Date of Review:  Sunday 22nd April 2018

Cafe des Cascadeurs is an often overlooked restaurant located in Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris.  Is it worth visiting though?  In the review below I’ll discuss the location and theme, the food, the price point and my overall thoughts on the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the back corner of the Walt Disney Studios park, within the Backlot area.  More specifically, it is opposite the Moteurs Action stunt show and near the exit doors for Armageddon.  For a lot of people, that probably explains why you’ve never seen it.  A lot of others have probably seen it but have just never seen it open, due to its regular closures in off peak periods and limited operating hours on days it is open.

The name of the restaurant (roughly) translates to the “stuntman’s cafe”.  As such the cafe is themed to be typical of a cafe that may be found in a backlot, but with a more retro feel.  I find this to be one of the more successful attempts at theme within this area of the Studios (high praise I know).  The exterior  gave off vibes of a 1950s diner, and this carries into the interior of the restaurant too.

Inside there is limited seating comprised of booths and seats at the bar where you can watch the chefs at work.  We arrived about ten minutes before the 12pm opening time and as such were seated immediately.  There can be long waits at peak lunchtime due to the limited seating though, and I’d advise eating early or late to avoid this.

The menu is very limited, offering only a selection of burgers and a token salad as main meals.  Desserts are available, although these are either tubs of ice cream or pre prepared desserts.  Unlike most other quick service restaurants, the drinks are served in bottles rather than as fountain beverages.  The prices are about halfway between a typical quick service meal and some of the more basic table service restaurants at about 20 Euros for a burger, drink and ice cream.  This reflects the overall balance of the restaurant, which has quick service like food but with table service – think Lucky Nugget Saloon if you’re looking for comparatives.

Our waitress came over to take our order very promptly and there was no big surprises in my order – a beef burger with a diet coke.  The beef burgers are cooked to order, and as such you’re able to choose how “done” your burger is.  This is a big plus for me compared to other quick service burgers which are often dry, overcooked and have sat around for way too long before being served.  It also puts it above places like Five Guys which, while tasty, also offer no choice in the cooking time of the burger.

We didn’t have long to wait for our order, and when it arrived I couldn’t believe how big the portion was!

It wasn’t made clear on the menu (the picture doesn’t capture it well either) that this was actually a double beef burger.  The burgers were cooked to a perfect medium.  This is actually contrary to my usual experiences in France, where they tend to cook it slightly below what you’ve requested.  In addition to the beef, the burger contained cheese, typical quick service bacon, lettuce, tomato and burger sauce.  Red onions and pickles are also served on the side.  The fries served on the side were also delicious, its amazing how much difference it makes getting these straight from the fryer instead of from under a heat lamp.  They were piping hot and crispy, just as they should be.

The total price for my lunch, after my friend Brian kindly let me use his infinity annual pass discount, was just over 16 Euros.  Like I previously said this is a little more expensive than a typical quick service meal, but is also noticeably cheaper than a burger and a drink would be at somewhere like Annette’s.

In summary, I think Cafe des Cascadeurs is miles better than any other quick service location in Walt Disney Studios and may be the best option at Disneyland Paris full stop.  The food is well priced, the staff were quick and very pleasant, and the food was way above any quick service restaurant for only a few Euros more.  My one disappointment is the limited operating hours.  When you have a gem like this I can’t understand why this restaurant seems to be closed for so much of the year?

If you’re looking for a burger in Walt Disney Studios, run past the offerings in Studio 1 and head straight for here.

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  1. I genuinely thought this was like Pizza Planet and properly shut down. I’ve been in several different months through out the year and it has never been open! I’m very glad to see I was wrong. It’s now on the list.

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