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Disneyland Paris Hotel Review – Hôtel l’Élysée Val d’Europe

I tend to be a creature of habit when staying offsite on a Disneyland Paris trip.  When I travelled for FanDaze though I found myself in an interesting spot.  My usual budget choices – the Hipark or Ibis – were priced higher than normal and hence were the same price as some of the other hotels in Val D’Europe.  For the sake of trying something new I decided to try out one of the hotels which I’d heard consistently good things about – the Hôtel l’Élysée Val d’Europe.  As per my other hotel reviews this review will cover my thoughts on the rooms, location and the price point.


In terms of travelling to the parks, this hotel offers some of the most diverse travel options I’ve come across.  It shares a free shuttle with the Hipark and Adagio – these shuttles start around 8.30am and run until well after park close.  If you have an annual pass and are looking to arrive at the resort earlier than the shuttles allow, the hotel is also very well located to the RER.

As I mentioned in my review of the Hotel Ibis, the RER is a great option in getting from hotels in this area to the parks and gives more flexibility than offered by the free shuttles.  In addition to these transportation options you can also walk, but expect this to take in excess of 30 minutes.  If you prefer to walk to the parks you may be better off sticking to offsite options like the Hipark (about a 15 minute walk away from the resort) or consider staying onsite.


The bedroom I was assigned had 2 double beds and could comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults for  a short trip.

There was also a small desk area, coffee making facilities and a TV with mostly French channels as you’d expect.

Like most modern hotels these days there was very little drawer or wardrobe space.  They instead opted to use open storage which is good because you’re less likely to forget something, but can also leave the room looking unnecessarily cluttered.  Unlike a lot of hotels around this price point, the room also has a safe.

The bathroom is small but perfectly functional.  There is a bath/shower, a nice vanity area and this is where you’d also find the hair dryer.  I would recommend bringing all your own toiletries though as only a hair/body combination is provided and it isn’t the best quality.

This was a short one night stay and as such I didn’t spend very much time in the room – I checked in at about 10pm and checked out before 8am the next morning.  With that said, I was incredibly impressed with everything about this room.  It felt modern and recently refurbished and was absolutely spotless.  The beds were large and incredibly comfortable, especially the pillows which were a marked improvement on the nonsense at the Santa Fe the night before.  I had 2 absolutely favourite things about this room though.  Firstly, plug points and USB charging points.  These can be in short supply at many hotels but in this case they were everywhere.  There was plug points and USB ports between the beds, same on the desk and several other plug points around the room.  Secondly the air conditioning in this room was incredible.  After a hot day in the summer this was incredibly welcome and I felt so much more refreshed in the morning.


One of the main reasons I tend to not stay at this hotel is the price skews higher than others in the area.  The night I was travelling I paid £75 for one night which was almost exactly the same as the Hipark and Ibis.  Looking at a random date in September though. the l’Élysée is charging £125 for one night compared to £80 for the Ibis and £76 for the Hipark.  As a solo traveller this would probably make me lean towards the Hipark.  It should be noted though that the Hipark and Ibis rooms I compared will only sleep up to 2 people, so if you’re travelling in a group of 4 the l’Élysée may work out cheaper.  There are other things to keep in mind too – the Hipark room you’ll get for that price will only have a less comfortable sofabed, the only real transportation option from the Ibis is the RER etc.

In this particular case though I thought the £75 price for one night was incredibly good value.  The hotel is definitely a step above the Hipark and Ibis in terms of quality.


This is probably the best individual stay I’ve had at a hotel in Val D’Europe.  The rooms at the l’Élysée are incredibly comfortable and high quality.  I had the best nights sleep of my entire trip and found it easy to use both the shuttle bus and RER to get to and from the resort.  As a budget minded solo traveller though the standard price point is probably a bit too high for my regular trips.  If I found a good deal in future though, or if I was travelling in a larger group than the cheaper rooms elsewhere allow, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again.

Note:  As this is not classed as an onsite Disney hotel, if you stay here you will not benefit from the onsite perks offered by Disney such as Extra Magic Time or room charging.



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