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Disneyland Paris Hotel Review – Ibis Val D’Europe

One of the most common complaints I see online about Disneyland Paris is the price of the onsite hotels.  Luckily there is no shortage of nearby offsite hotels to choose from, and in this review I’m going to look at one of the cheapest and arguably most convenient – Ibis Val D’Europe.  I’ll be taking you through my thoughts on hotel, covering the rooms, price point and location.


The hotel is located right outside Val D’Europe RER Station, one stop away from Disneyland Paris.  When I say right outside, I mean right outside.  In this (poor) picture from my room window, the lit up sign you can see is at the entrance to the station.

A slightly better representation on Google Maps

(Ignore the name of the hotel, the Ibis is next door to its cheaper Budget sister hotel)

Once in the station the train only takes around two minutes to get from Val D’Europe into Marne La Vallee station.  From there its a quick walk upstairs and outside to the main security checks at the entrance to the resort.  I’m confident that, in terms of travel time, this hotel rivals the Cheyenne and Santa Fe (Disney’s onsite budget hotels).  On previous trips I’ve been in my room around twenty minutes after leaving the park, which is about the same amount of time it would take you to walk to either of the aforementioned onsite hotels.

It should be noted though that the RER is the only feasible transport method you can use to get from this hotel to Disneyland Paris.  There are no shuttle buses provided and it would take you around 45 minutes to walk to the resort entrance.  You could potentially walk further into Val D’Europe and use shuttles provided by other hotels, but for obvious reasons I don’t recommend that.  This does put you at the mercy of the RER service, with any train issues having a knock on impact to your journey to or from Disneyland Paris.


The rooms sleep a maximum of two adults, either in a double bed or in two single beds.  As a solo traveller I opted for the double bed room.

This makes the hotel ideal for couples or solo travellers like myself.  On the other hand it probably rules this hotel out as an option for families, particularly those with young children.  Families with older children on the other hand may find this a cost efficient way of spreading out over two rooms as opposed to fitting everyone into one room in an onsite hotel.

The decor of the room is basic but functional.  There is no wardrobe or chest of drawers, these are replaced with open storage.

There is also a small desk and seat, which can be seen in the top corner of the bed picture above, as well as a decent sized TV with a few English news channels.

The bathroom carries on the same basic style as the rest of the room.  Its small, but has the toiler, sink area and shower that you need on a short trip.  If you’re looking for a proper bathtub though, I’d look elsewhere.  The range of toiletries offered is also very basic, with only a combined shower gel and shampoo being provided.

Wifi is available in all guest rooms.  The hotel provides two levels, a slower free version and a faster premium version which carries a small upcharge.  As I was only looking to check my phone for a short while before bed I stuck with the free version.  It was perfectly fine for updating Twitter, browsing the web or watching Youtube videos.  Unless you’re looking to do some intense media streaming I think you’d be fine sticking with the free Wifi.

Overall I felt the rooms to be comfortable and perfectly nice for a short trip as a solo occupant.  With two people on a more extended trip I could see the room feeling slightly claustrophobic.  My main complaint about the room though is the placement and general lack of plug sockets.  There are only two in the bedroom area and both are on the couch near the window.  This is a bit of an awkward placement and ideally I’d like extra sockets to be near the bed and USB charging points to also be added.


This is one of the main attractions of this hotel.  With rates of around £60 a night at most times of the year, its priced well below the standard prices of any of the onsite hotels.  It also doesn’t seem to fluctuate in price as much as some of the other offsite offerings, and as such was still a very affordable price just a few weeks before I travelled.  The costs of RER tickets is something to keep in mind though.  At just under 2 Euros per adult each way this could add up over the course of a trip, particularly if you are travelling as a family.  When allowing for the total cost of hotel and transportation, other offsite hotels with complimentary shuttle transportation – or those within walking distance such as the Hipark – may be more attractive.


The Ibis Val D’Europe is a comfortable and convenient offsite hotel for visiting Disneyland Paris.  It offers good value for money and for me is perfect for solo travellers or couples going on a short trip to Disney.  I do have minor quibbles with the room though, and the limitations of room occupancy and costs of the RER may make other offsite hotels more attractive for families.  It should also be noted that, as this is not an onsite hotel, you will not benefit from the onsite perks offered by Disney such as Extra Magic Time or room charging.


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