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Disneyland Resort Snacks – Part 1

I’m not going to lie, this is one of the posts I’ve been looking forward to doing the most.  Partly because I love talking Disney snacks, and partly because these are the kinds of posts I most enjoy reading on other people’s blogs.  Originally this was only going to be one post but after I looked through my pictures I ate a fair amount of snacks!

Part 2 will follow in the next few days but, for now, here are reviews of the first bunch of snacks I tried on my February 2018 trip to Disneyland – along with the location you can find the snack and its price.

Churro – Tomorrowland Churro Cart – $5

I had to start with a classic didn’t I?  The churros at Disneyland have actually come in many different forms, including the recent rose gold churro complete with strawberry flavoured glitter.  I didn’t actually see the rose gold version for sale – admittedly I didn’t look very hard – so it was the original version for me!  If you’re not sure what a churro is, its a traditional Spanish fried-dough pastry covered in sugar.  At Disneyland (and many other places) they step things up a bit and cover it in cinnamon sugar.  The churro I had tasted like it was fresh out of the fryer, with incredibly crisp pastry and a yummy cinnamon taste.

I’ve had many a churro in my life and this is definitely one of the best.  At $5 its also good value, and is a filling snack for one or good to share between a few of you if you just want a bite.  If you’re simply looking to try unique Disneyland snacks though, I’d maybe skip getting at least the original version of the churro.  While it was very tasty, its something you can get pretty much everywhere.

Mickey’s Ice Cream Sandwich – Tangaroa Terrace – $5

Another classic!  I got this treat on my last day at the Disneyland Hotel but you can get it in about a million places around the resort.  If you’ve tried this at Walt Disney World its exactly the same.  Pretty much an Oreo ice cream sandwich, but its Mickey shaped which makes it at least twice as good automatically.  I actually prefer this to the Mickey ice cream bar too.  It doesn’t melt as quickly and cookies and cream will always be better than boring old chocolate and vanilla.  A bit expensive?  Maybe, but I’m pretty sure its blasphemy to visit a Disney park and not have a Mickey shaped ice cream good.

Unless you’re at Disneyland Paris, but that’s their fault.

Speciality M&Ms Doughnut – The Coffee House (Disneyland Hotel) – $5.50

Yet another snack from my last day – can you tell I had several hours between check out and getting picked up for the airport?  I grabbed this awesome looking speciality doughnut from the coffee shop situated next to Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel.  They actually had a few options but the others either had coffee or lemon in them which were not appealing to me at all.  The first thing I can say about this doughnut is it tasted freshly baked.  One thing that commonly happens with mass produced doughnuts is they can taste slightly stale but this didn’t at all.  It was very soft and the pastry itself was light and not stodgy in the slightest.  The extra were what made this though – I’m talking chocolate filling, chocolate and caramel icing, M&Ms and a little piece of white chocolate on top.  I did have a slight twinge of regret at eating all of this afterwards, then again that may just have been my heart protesting.

10/10, would diabetes again.

Matterhorn Macaroon – Jolly Holiday Bakery – $3

Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of the price of this one, but I’m fairly sure it was around $3.  I actually tried this twice, once on my first day and another time as my dessert for my included lunch on a tour.  That probably tells you how this review is going to go.

This.  Was.  Amazing.  The dense coconut pastry was delicious, with a slightly crispy exterior but lovely and fluffy inside.  What can be done to make that better?  Dipping the top in white chocolate of course!  A lot of people don’t like white chocolate and I understand why, it is incredibly sweet.  I on the other hand love it, and what better way to get a sugar kick to keep you going in the parks?  This snack was on my list way before I headed out to Disneyland, and it delivered 100%.  It covered all the bases for a Disneyland snack- unique, tasty and incredibly instagrammable.

Dole Whip Float – Tiki Juice Bar – $6

Yep, another classic snack!  The presentation of the dole whip is actually slightly different at Disneyland compared to Walt Disney World.  Out goes the taller, thinner cup and in its place is a more traditional cup shape.  I mean, it doesn’t affect the taste at all, but the devil is in the details right?  It also comes with a mini umbrella, which means we can crown Disneyland as the best Disney resort in the world once and for all – just kidding, maybe, not really.

If you’ve had a dole whip before you’ll know exactly what to expect with this.  Pineapple soft serve with pineapple juice.  If you don’t like pineapple, this isn’t for you.  If you do like pineapple, it definitely is.  I know I know, top quality analysis.  Seriously though, its an incredibly refreshing and actually comparatively healthy snack.  I’d advise getting this earlier or later in the day though, because the queues can get incredibly long.

Bengal Beef Skewer – Bengal Barbecue – $5

OK so I’m slightly cheating here with the last two snacks as combined they were technically my dinner on one night.  There wasn’t enough to say about them though to justify a separate post, so I’ve just lumped them in here.  I also apologise for the incredibly unappetising picture.

As you can probably guess from the name, its a beef skewer.  Less obvious from the name though is just how spicy the sauce is.  I’m used to Disney’s claim of “spicy” actually being about a 1 out of 10 on the spice scale, so you can imagine my surprise when I felt the tears start to roll down my eyes after taking a bite of this.  For a lot of people this will be way too hot but for me it was perfect.  Bonus points for the freshness too – one of my favourite elements of Bengal Barbecue was being able to see the meat skewers being cooked behind the serving area.

Pork Skewer – Bengal Barbecue – $6

You won’t find this particular skewer on the menu as it is the rotating “Speciality Skewer” listed on the online menu.  This particular skewer was very Asian influenced and included pork belly, teriyaki sauce and pickled vegetables.  The sauce in particular was really good, sweet but with a slight hint of spice.  I found the pork belly to be very tender, but if you’ve never eaten pork belly before be warned there’s a lot of fat on the skewer as well.  The combination of the meat, vegetables and sauce really worked together though and this was my favourite of the two skewers I tried.  Its likely this will have been rotated out by the time you travel but if not I’d recommend trying this out.  Like the dole whip stand though, be warned that the lines can get very long at Bengal Barbecue due to its popularity.

That just about covers it for my first round of snacks.  Which one is your favourite?  Is there any other Disneyland snacks you’d love to try?

I’ll be back in a few days with even more snacks in Part 2.

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