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Disneyland Resort Snacks – Part 2

If you haven’t caught up with part 1 of the snack reviews you can find them HERE.

I’m back with more Disneyland snacks!  Just a few days after my first block of reviews I’m back with the remaining bunch from my February 2018 Disneyland trip – including some items for the California Adventure Food and Wine Festival.

Mint Julep – Mint Julep Bar – $4.50

Like the macaroon in the part 1, this picture was by no means the only time I had this stupidly brilliant drink in the week I was there.  I’ve had many alcoholic mint juleps in my time but this non alcoholic version, as no alcohol is served in Disneyland Park, just knocks the socks off of all of them.  This is one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had with its genius being in its simplicity.  I mean its pretty much just soda water, mint and lime.  To me that says “nice” but I was stunned at how much I enjoyed this.  I loved it so much in fact, I definitely had at least 3 or 4 in the week…

If you’re travelling in the summer I suspect this drink would be your best friend.  Even in the (relative) cold of California winter, I couldn’t get enough.

Beignets – Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express – $6

Firstly, I can only apologise for what is probably the most unappetising snack picture of all time.  My excuse is I took these back to my hotel room and even looking at the bag seemed to make powdered sugar go everywhere.  I wasn’t massively keen on my bedroom looking like the scene of a cocaine-fuelled meltdown, so rubbish picture it is.  Here’s a much better picture taken from the Ralph Brennan website:

These aren’t actually the only beignets available at Disneyland.  The more famous ones are probably the Mickey shaped beignets served inside the parks, but I’d actually heard these ones were better so decided to pick them up.  I can’t speak to whether they were better but they sure were good!  There was a slight wait to get these at the restaurant but when it means you’re getting beignets straight from the fryer there’s no complaints about a five minute wait.  Even after a 10 minute walk back to my hotel room these were glorious.  I’d actually only intended on eating a few of them and saving the rest for breakfast, after one bite though I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  The combination of the light, deep fried pastry and the powdered sugar meant I quickly scoffed down all four of them.

If you find yourself in Downtown Disney at any point these make a perfect snack.  Bigger portions are available (all the way up to an order of 10!) so they could also make for a good family treat.

Butter Popcorn – Cozy Cone Motel – $5

I bottled it with this one a bit.  Cozy Cone Motel, located in Cars Land at California Adventure, offers quite a few interesting flavours including Sriracha, Garlic Parmesan and Pizza.  I was so hungry when I got this snack though that I didn’t want to risk anything too crazy in case I didn’t like it, so ended up with boring old regular butter popcorn.  It was really nice though and like most regular treats they just seem to taste better at Disney.  Next time the sriracha popcorn shall be mine though!

Corn Dog – Stage Door Cafe – $8.90 incl. fries

Now we come on to probably the most controversial review of them all.  I’ve been told for years how wonderful Disneyland corn dogs are.  How they’re a classic snack, freshly fried and absolutely delicious.  With all the recommendations I happily waltzed up to the Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland and handed over my near $10 for a corn dog and fries.  I’ll just skip the chase.  The corn dog was awful.  It was stodgy, heavy, and tasted of nothing.  In the middle was a cheap tasting hot dog sausage that did nothing to make it any better.  Thank goodness it came with some decent fries, although from the picture above you can tell they weren’t exactly heavy handed with the helping of fries either.

I may have just been unlucky but I don’t think I’ll ever try this again to find out.

The final three snacks are all items I tried at the California Adventure Food and Wine Festival.  I was lucky enough to be in the parks on the first day of the event and managed to try a few things.  This is the same idea as the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in Walt Disney World, but on a smaller scale and a focus on Californian food and drink.  Unlike the other items I’ve posted above, the price of the items below all include sales tax.

Chicken teriyaki slider with spicy Dole pineapple jam – LA Style Booth – $6.50

I really liked this.  The roll was pretty standard but the chicken was juicy and the teriyaki sauce had the right mix of sweet and spice.  Star of the show though was the pineapple jam.  It had more of a kick than I was expecting and again had the right level of sweet from the pineapple to offset the spice.  This was probably a bit expensive for the size at $6.50, however it was very tasty and I’d have no hesitations picking it up again.

Black Garlic Soy-braised Pork Belly Banh Mi – Garlic Kissed Booth – $7.50

In hindsight I’m not really sure why I ordered this.  I live about 100 yards from 10 Vietnamense restaurants and can have incredible banh mis anytime I want for about half the price of this.  Alas the idea of the garlic soy braise was enough to tempt me, plus I always find it tough to turn down pork belly.  This was pretty much fine.  Every part of the dish was tasty enough but to be honest I thought the $7.50 price was just way too high.  If you can’t get anything similar at home you may find yourself enjoying this.  For me though it was pretty average and I regretted not trying something new.

Jalapeño Popper Mac & Cheese with Bacon – Peppers Cali-Ente Booth – $7.50

I left this to last for a reason.  I’m pretty sure this is just store bought mac and cheese.  I’m pretty sure those are just dried jalapenos from a packet.  And I’m pretty sure those are bacon bits from a packet too.  You know what though?  None of it matters.  This was the best snack sized food I ate at Disneyland.  The combination of the creaminess of the mac and cheese, the high level of spice and crunch from the jalapenos and the salt from the bacon was incredible.  Unlike the others I tried this was a really good portion size too and well worth the price I paid.  If you’re looking for a light lunch I’m pretty sure this would do the trick.  100% fully recommended and I want to make this at home.

That wraps it up for my Disneyland snacks.  I think I tried a good variety of different foods and was impressed with the overall quality of what I got.  Coming up next, a review of Plaza Inn and its famous fried chicken.


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