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Disneyland Restaurant Review – Cafe Orleans

Date of Review:  Thursday 1st March 2018

One of the restaurants that was most recommended to me before my trip to Disneyland, with one item in particular being described as must try by quite a few people, was Cafe Orleans.

Located in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland, the restaurant offers a variety of Southern inspired foods for lunch or dinner.  I made a reservation without much difficulty when my 60 day window opened, however I did notice that a few days out there was no availability showing.  As with pretty much every restaurant at Disneyland, its not critical to make your reservations exactly 60 days out.  If there’s anywhere you absolutely must eat though I’d still make your reservation as far in advance as you can.

I chose to eat lunch here and had a reservation at 1pm.  After waiting a few minutes past the reservation time i was shown to a lovely but slightly chilly seat in the patio area with a lovely view of the Rivers of America.

I had a quick look over the menu.

(click for full size)

A few of the choices immediately sounded appealing.  I’d heard so many good things about the Pommes Frites in particular, and mains like the Bourbon Street Chicken and Lobster Cobb Salad sounded really nice.  For me though, there was only one option.  The reason I came.

The Monte Cristo

How about another, even closer picture of the goodness inside?

To regurgitate the menu spiel, this sandwich is filled with ham, turkey and swiss cheese.  It is then deep fried.  Oh and then they put powdered sugar on top.  And give you a berry compote.  It also comes with grapes to make you regret your life choices slightly less.

Where to begin?  First of all I can’t stress enough how large this portion is.  These aren’t 4 small pieces of bread, they are very thick.  The taste of the sandwich alone was just incredible.  The batter was extremely light and you could tell it was just out of the fryer as it was so crisp.  I thought the savoury ingredients inside the sandwich really complimented the sweetness of the powdered sugar.  Adding the berry compote to the mix really took it to another level.  I am not a fan of jam at all, and reasonably this combination of flavours just shouldn’t work.  It does though, it was just delicious.

I’m ashamed to say this sandwich defeated me , but I managed to eat three and a bit slices which isn’t bad going!  I did try a grape though.  It was fine and I think helped my life only be shortened by 4.99 years due to this meal instead of 5 years.

In summary, this was just a fantastic lunch.  The setting of the restaurant was beautiful and the prices weren’t too bad – $32 including tax and tip for a Monte Cristo ($21) and a soft drink ($4).  For those travelling as a party of two, you could get a good lunch out of sharing a Monte Cristo and Pommes Frites for not much more than a counter service meal.  Even if the sandwich doesn’t sound appealing, some of the other items on the menu sound lovely too.  This is one place that will be high on my list on any future visit to Disneyland.

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