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Disneyland Restaurant Review – Plaza Inn

Date of Review:  Wednesday 28th February 2018

Plaza Inn, like it’s sisters/cousins at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World (Plaza Gardens and Crystal Palace), is located between Main Street USA and Tomorrowland.  Formerly known as the Red Wagon Inn, this iconic location has been ever present at Disneyland since 1955.  These days though it is probably best known for its character breakfast with a rather eclectic character selection – seriously I’ve read reviews of people meeting Max, Captain Hook, Rafiki and the Fairy Godmother.  I’m not sure what theme these could fit under apart from “Disney Characters”.

This review though isn’t about the character breakfast.  For lunch and dinner the restaurant changes into a quick service location and thats what I’ll be focusing on.

Like most of the quick service restaurants at Disneyland, the menu at Plaza Inn for lunch and dinner is small and fairly limited:

There was only one item that I was interested in trying though, the famous fried chicken!

After reading the menu I can probably guess what your first reaction was.  Nearly $18?!?  For a quick service meal?!?  I’ll admit that I shared those thoughts when I looked at the menu too.  Once you actually get into the restaurant though, you quickly realise why these meals are priced a few dollars more than other quick service locations around the resort.  Firstly its not really a traditional quick service restaurant.  You do go up to a counter and collect your food like the others, but your meal is served on proper crockery, you get metal cutlery and your drinks come in a plastic cup rather than the usual paper.  As a comparison point I’d put this in the same realm as Be Our Guest at Walt Disney World.  Its still quick service, but its an upgraded quick service experience.  Secondly the portion sizes are massive.  Seriously, massive.  For $17.99 you get four large pieces of chicken – two thigh pieces and two drumsticks -, a biscuit, green beans and mashed potato.  I’m not exaggerating when I say this is easily the biggest serving of quick service food I’ve ever had at a Disney park.  You could easily share this between two people and at that stage I think its a pretty great value.

How did it all taste though?

I guess I’ll start with the item everyone cares about most, the fried chicken.  For me fried chicken is always judged on two things, the breading and how juicy the chicken is.  I’m happy to say that on both counts the fried chicken here gets full marks.  The breading in particular though was incredible.  I have no idea what spice combination they use for it but its definitely the best breading I’ve ever had.  And its at a theme park quick service restaurant?!?!  There’s not much to say about the other items.  I’m not a massive fan of biscuits, I find them to usually be pretty dry and tasteless.  This one was pretty much in line with that but once you covered it in butter it was pretty tasty – fairly sure you could say that about any food in the world though.  Add butter, increase goodness.  Anyway…  The green beans were nice and were dressed with a very pleasant spicy dressing.  I’m not a fan of mashed potato at all – they are only second to baked beans on my horrible food chart.  In the name of the review though I did try them and…well I guess not being lumpy is a positive?  My honest advice is, if you’re eating this on your own, stick to the fried chicken.  If you finish that, and you’re still not full, move onto the others.  But really, its all about the fried chicken here.

In summary, I had a wonderful experience at Plaza Inn for dinner.  The signature fried chicken, while expensive, was delicious and more than lived up to its reputation.  If you’re a hungry chap with a big appetite like me, or two people looking to split something tasty at a good price, then I wholeheartedly recommend you paying this place a visit.

Do you agree with my review?  Is there anything else you’d like to try on the menu?  Let me know below!

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