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Disneyland Trip Report – February 2018 – Travel Day

It’s currently 5.20am local time in Anaheim and I’m well and truly wide awake.  The jet lag effect is real! So rather than sit here and do nothing until its a socially acceptable time to get up I thought why not start my trip report blogs.

I travelled to California on Saturday 24th February, flying direct from London Heathrow to LAX with Virgin Atlantic.  As my flight left at 10am it was an extremely early morning with a 5am wake up, not my usual saturday wake up time by a long shot!  Thankfully my girlfriend Sav very kindly offered to give me a lift to the airport, although I think she  was regretting that offer when the alarm went off..

We made it to the airport in about an hour and a with and no drama.  I was through bag drop and  security in no time and, after a quick look around the shops, went to the pub in terminal 3 for breakfast.  Breakfast consisted of a chicken and egg hash and, of course, a beer.  There’s no better tradition than a pre-flight pint!

Soon agree breakfast it was time for boarding.  This was my first time flying on a 787 and I was looking forward to seeing if the claims about reduced jet lag and everything else were true.

I was flying in economy and was sat in seat 53k in the emergency exit row.  As you can see from the picture above the leg room was slightly reduced due to the door but I still had plenty of room to spread out.

We pushed back from the gate pretty much on time at 10.10am but such is the way with Heathrow didn’t actually take off til about 10.45am.  The flight was slightly shorter than advertised though so we should still arrive on time.  After takeoff the cabin crew quickly came round with drinks and i got a gin and ginger ale –

(sorry about the lighting in all the pictures, virgin love their mood lighting).

Pretty much straight after this the meal service started and I chose the spicy korean pork which was being offered during the winter Olympics.  It was surprisingly decent for plane food! It came with a cous cous salad, crackers and cheese (both of which I didn’t eat, and an awesome chocolate and caramel pudding.  A few hours later we were given the traditional mini fab, then a steak bake soon after that, and finally a sandwich and crisps about 90 minutes before landing.  The rest of the flight was spent watching lots of TV shows on the in flight entertainment, playing my Nintendo Switch, and watching the flight map wondering how it can take a million hours just to get across Canada!

We landed on time at around 1.15pm LA time.  I made it through immigration (always the most nerve-wracking bit of the trip!) and baggage collection really quickly,shockingly quickly!  Unfortunately though I just missed the Disneyland Express shuttle and would have to wait an hour for the next one – as a bit background the Disneyland Express is the paid shuttle between LAX and Disneyland area hotels.

Once I finally got on the shuttle the journey was long, although I did see the Hollywood sign in the distance!  Eventually I arrived at my hotel for the first 6 nights, the Camelot Inn & Suites.  I chose the hotel for a few reasons – it was reasonably priced, had good reviews and is right across the road from Disneyland.  I’m going to write a more in depth review separately but on first imoressions the room is huge!

The rest of my evening was very unexciting.  I went to the McDonald’s next door to the hotel and grabbed a quarter pounder meal that I ate on the bed.  Don’t try to say I’m not classy…

I eventually fell asleep about 9pm after being up for 24 hours!  My first full day is meant to be going to Knotts Berry farm but let’s just say that there may have been a change of plan.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Apologies for lack of pictures, I guarantee I’ll make up for it the rest of the week!

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