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Road to Run Disney Paris 2018 – Part 1: Beginnings

Hi everyone!

I’ve been throwing around some ideas for a new blog series for a while now – the Thailand trip reports will finish though, just need to sort out the pictures!  Since the start of the year I’ve been trying to improve my fitness levels.  Most of my focus in the early part of the year has been on building up strength, but I’ve realised that I need to build up my cardio too.  I tend to find a lot of cardio training pretty boring though, and need a challenge or something to focus on to keep my motivation up.  And, so, here we are!

My road to deciding on doing Run Disney at Disneyland Paris this year has been a decidedly rocky one.  Very early in the year I decided I was going to make a Run Disney trip one of my main holidays for the year.  I actually booked a full package with Disneyland Paris for 4 nights, staying at Sequoia Lodge with the 36k challenge and photopass included.  A few weeks later though, my family told me they were looking to go to Orlando in November this year.  When I started crunching the numbers it was near enough the same price to go to Disney World for 10 nights as to do Run Disney for 4.  Just like that, Run Disney was off again.

When the bib only sale date was announced though, I started to get the itch again.  I’d seen my friends have so much fun at previous Run Disney events, I did want to challenge myself to do something I’d never done before, and the villains theme massively appealed to me.  After crunching the sums again, I managed to make a short 2 night offsite stay work, and after being fortunate enough to grab entry to the 36k challenge, I was back in the game!

Editor Note:  I am not 30 at time of writing, I will hold onto my 20’s until the bitter end.

Here I am then, signed up for a 36k challenge (5k, 10k and half marathon one day after the other for those who don’t know).  My previous experience with running is limited to say the least.  I did complete a 10k way back in 2013 but more for personal reasons than fitness – my gran passed away as a result of alzheimer’s disease so I did a run to raise money for Alzeheimer’s Scotland.

I managed to finish (obviously, see the medal), but I wasn’t happy with my preparation or the 80 minute time it took me to finish.  Based on that experience I’m keen to approach these races more seriously, and take a more logical approach to my training.

As a start I’ve been using a 0 to 10k app on my phone.  I found the earlier weeks very easy so have fast tracked myself through to around week 8 of 14.  There’s a gym very near my flat so for the mean time I’m using the treadmill there to do my runs with a small 2% incline added in.  These are my 2 most recent runs from this week:

These aren’t the best times in the world, but have at least given me comfort that I’m not starting from an impossible position.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking to continue building this up.  I’ve also noticed that the running shoes I’ve been using, which are around 5 years old, start to hurt at around the 5k mark.  Because of that, I think I need to start looking for some new running shoes.

That’s all for today!  Thanks for reading as always, I really appreciate it!

Coming up in the next post – training progress, new shoes?  A 10k in July?


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