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Road to Run Disney Paris 2018 – Part 2: Month 1 Progress

Hi everyone!

Its been just over a month since I posted my last update, so I thought it was about time I put up another post!  The last month has been incredibly busy in a lot of ways but thankfully I’ve managed to keep my running going quite steadily.

One of the biggest things to have happened since my last post was my birthday.  Now I’m not going to go on again about turning 30, I simply bring it up because my birthday ended up being a great chance for me to get some new running gear and kit.  I’d found that my Nike running shoes were not working well with my feet at all, and if I was serious about this running malarky I really needed to sort my shoes out first.  While I was home in Glasgow for the weekend I popped into Run4It, a specialist running store with a few shops located around Scotland.  The people in the shop were very nice and helpful.  They got me running on a treadmill and analysed my running posture and style with several different types of running shoe – gel, foam and gel/foam hybrid from memory.  After a few trial runs I ended up settling on a pair of Brooks Ghost 10 Neutral Running Shoes –

I’ve trialled these shoes for a few weeks now and I can’t begin to describe how much difference they’ve made.  I was getting a lot of blisters even under short runs but these have all but been eliminated since I made the switch.  If you’re serious about running, I’d urge you to get some advice on running shoes.

In addition to the shoes I was gifted some new running shirts, a hoodie and some socks which really aren’t interesting enough to justify their own pictures – plus I’m sure you’ll see me in them soon enough.  My other main present was a new smartwatch, a Garmin Vivoactive 3.

I’ve been using a Galaxy S2 Classic smartwatch for a while but was keen to have something with more fitness applications.  I haven’t been using this for long enough to give a full review now, but will be sure to review it more thoroughly in future updates.

In terms of training runs, I’ve been trying to stay as consistent as I can with runs at the gym.  Overall I’ve been happy with how I’m progressing.  I won’t bore you with details on every run so will just show you some pictures from the end of each run.

One of the other things I’ve realised is that in order to keep my motivation up and get used to running on tarmac, I need to do more outdoor runs.  I therefore signed up to take part in the Run Through event at the Olympic Park last Wednesday (13th June).  As this was my first run I decided just to go for a 5k and aimed for an under 30 minute finish time.  I was honestly shocked at how well I got on.  It was by no means the hilliest course in the world but even so I never expected to come in with the time I did – a 27:55!

I’m by no means getting ahead of myself based on this result, after all its still a long way to go to 36k!  It has given me a lot of encouragement though and if anything its made me more determined to get back out there and get running.  To keep things going I’ve decided to do another 5k in Victoria Park in London on the 20th June, and as a bigger challenge I’ll be doing the MENCAP 10k in Greenwich Park on the 14th of July – Just Giving Link  HERE.

That’s pretty much it for this update.  I’ve been looking at some other runs to do either before Run Disney in Paris and beyond.  One in particular has caught my eye, but lets just say that would be completely Dopey.

Thanks again if you’ve taken the time to read.  I really appreciate it!

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