35 things before I turn 35

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to post something a bit different today.  As you may or may not know, I very recently turned 30 years old.  A lot of people have asked how I feel about it and to be honest I’m not that fussed.  The only thing I have felt is just how fast time is speeding by.  The years really do feel like months, and the months like weeks these days.  And that brings me onto the aim of this post.  I’ve decided to make up a very high level list of 35 things to do before I’m 35 – I figured that this puts me under a bit more time pressure than a 40 for 40!  I also decided not to include stuff like get married/get a house/have kids because I think putting a time limit on stuff like that is just a bad idea.  Without trying to pad out this blog post too much – lets do this!

  1. Visit every Disney theme park in the world
  2. Climb the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales
  3. Complete the Run Disney France 36k challenge
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Run a 5k in under 20 minutes
  6. See the Northern lights
  7. Go on a skiing holiday
  8. Visit at least 5 new European countries
  9. Visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
  10. Visit the Studio Ghibli Museum
  11. Visit the Isle of Skye
  12. Take a surfing lesson
  13. Volunteer for at least 5 full days a year
  14. See a Premier League game at every London stadium
  15. Visit Akihabara in Tokyo
  16. Get even slightly proficient in a new language
  17. Read 50 new books
  18. Watch The Sopranos and The Wire from start to finish
  19. Take an online course in something random that interests me
  20. Go to a D23 event
  21. Treat my mum to a weekend away
  22. Take my granpa on a day out of his choice
  23. Wean myself off drinking fizzy drinks
  24. Be able to do 15 pull ups
  25. Be able to bench my body weight comfortably
  26. Learn about graphic design and photoshop
  27. Reconnect with old friends
  28. Continue connecting with new people through social media and social events
  29. Cut down how much time I spend procrastinating (is this ironic given I’m spending time writing this post?)
  30. Take more risks with clothing
  31. Learn to better let go and enjoy the moment
  32. Visit New Orleans and have beignets in the French Quarter while listening to jazz music
  33. Learn how to actually decorate a room
  34. Improve my DIY skills – learn to at least build a set of shelves or a shoe rack
  35. Watch at least 50 of the top 100 rated films on IMDB

Well that’s my list for now.  Its not perfect by any means, nor is it likely to stay the same over the year.  I’d like to revisit this at least once a year and see how things are getting on – or what will likely happen is I’ll do none of these until I crap myself when I’m 34 and try to rush through all of them.

Do any of you guys have your own “bucket lists” or similar?  What’s on yours?

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