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Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2019 Part 2 – 10k

If you haven’t read part 1, covering the Expo and 5k, be sure to catch up on it here.

Once again my day started with a 2.30am wake up call, and once again I briefly questioned my life choices.  The later bed time the previous night had really taken it out of me and I had to will myself to get ready.  Bagel in hand I was once again on the coach at around 3.10am, unfortunately today we were held until nearer the advertised 3.30am departure time.  The main downside of this was a much more crowded holding area than for the 5k. 

Fortunately the line for Pluto was still quite short so I had a quick picture before making my way to the corrals.

I was the only one of the group starting in corral B this morning – that hour long wait feels a lot longer with noone to chat to!  The course itself had many similarities to the day before – starting in the Epcot car park and heading into World Showcase, around Crescent Lake and back into Epcot for the final leg.

Mercifully corral A started promptly at 5.30am this morning, and I set off in the first wave of corral B right around 5.37am (according to the timestamp on the picture below).

As expected from the course map above, the first 3 and a bit kilometres weren’t particularly interesting outside of the character meets.  The first character I came across was Mary Poppins, hanging out on one of the overpasses as we left the car park.  Not great for pictures (those things are pretty high up) but those posh words of encouragement were very much appreciated.  The next meet I spotted was Ralph and Vanellope, a really fun meet but one you can do every day in Epcot.  Their queue was massive so I kept moving. 

My patience was rewarded when I got to the next character stop – Chip and Dale.  Not only Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale!  The 90’s kid in me was freaking out at this point.

Shame its a bit dark.  This was the longest wait for a character meet of the weekend too at just over 10 minutes.

I soldiered on, finishing off the boring part of the course and entering World Showcase – again it looked absolutely incredible and I appreciated the fact we got to run pretty much the whole park over this race.  My next stop was in Italy to meet another new character – Jiminy Cricket!

I’ve wanted to do this meet for years so needless to say I was very chuffed to see him out!

The short run around this half of World Showcase was absolutely delightful.  Hearing the Disney songs, running through the stunning pavilions.  It was brilliant.

As I ran along the Boardwalk I stopped for my penultimate meet of this run – Goofy in an awesome American Football outfit.

The run around Crescent Lake was really fun.  I couldn’t believe how many people were out cheering the runners on so early in the morning.  With the encouragement from the cast members and spectators I was soon back in Epcot, running through the United Kingdom and Canada pavilions and giving great opportunities for unflattering pictures.

The last half mile or so was rapidly approaching and there was time for just one more character meet, and this was a good one.

Max Goof!  90s me loving life once again.

That was it for the 10k in terms of characters.  The final straight took me towards Spaceship Earth, around the side and back down into the car park for the finish.

I really need to think of some new poses for the next Run Disney weekend.

And that was it.  Another run down, another medal, another unflattering picture.

The buses were already running back to the resort, so I went back for a quick nap and then spent the rest of my day at Hollywood Studios.

A highlight was trying this delicious Cinnamon Pop Tart like thing from Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land.

Only $3.29 too, really good value as a Disney snack goes.

Leah and Megan were kind enough to let me join them for their lunch reservation at Mama Melrose in the afternoon.  We had the Fantasmic dining package which I found to be really good value – $43 for starter, main, dessert, non-alcoholic drink and reserved seating for Fantasmic that evening.

The steak and cheesy pasta especially was delicious, but you can probably tell that from the words “steak and cheesy pasta”.

After Fantasmic I started to get a splitting headache.  I think it was partly due to dehydration, partly due to exhaustion.  The early mornings and long days were starting to get to me.  Its not just the running you have to contend with on these trips, its trying to do stuff in the parks while doing all the running.  I popped a few very strong painkillers before bed, hoping that it would subside by the morning. 

Tomorrow it was getting more serious, it was half marathon time.

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